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November 02 2017

SPOOOOOKY Halloween update!



Hey hey, everybody! Ghost Hospital has updated, and the full demo version is here for your enjoyment! I’ve put a lot of sweat and tears into this, so I hope you enjoy it!

Real quick though- this means a few things!

  • There will be no more updates to this free demo version, aside from cosmetic and technical updates, to patch up things like new art/music or bugs.
  • It’s labeled ‘demo’ now, because I have a good three more levels planned for the making, and do intend on delivering on a full game.
  • Currently, I’m aiming for the full release of the game around Halloween 2018, but this could change depending on outside real-life factors.
  • I WILL be looking for game testers for the full version, seeing as how I can’t exactly include the entire rest of the game in the demo version and wait for the public to report bugs on it.

Anyway, please enjoy, feel free to comment or complain or let me know about any bugs you encounter, and happy halloween!

October 24 2017

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Suzan the Battle Pig


So, I’m in a campaign where everyone starts as level 0 commoners and we all flail around trying not to die horribly for as long as possible. Somehow, amidst all this carnage, an unexpected hero joined us.

DM: you are ambushed by three angry Gnolls. What do you do?

Dwarf herder (me): *looks through inventory* wait…I have a sow?

DM: Yep. You’re a herder.

Herder: Imma try and get her to attack the Gnolls.
*rolls a d20 and gets an 18*

DM: ok, she attacks. Roll a d4 for damage.

Herder: *rolls 4*

DM:….your pig kills the Gnoll.

Herder: I’m naming this sow Suzan the Battle Pig. Good job, Suzan!


Herder: *dies by another angry Gnoll*

Me: wait, can Suzan still fight?

DM: roll persuasion to see if your other character can convince her to help.

Me: *rolls nat20*

DM: Suzan is filled with rage and discovers an insatiable hunger for Gnoll flesh. She now attacks with a d6.

Suzan: *kills the remaining Gnoll boss and Gnoll magician*

Me: Suzan is gonna eat the Gnolls

DM:…ok, she eats the big one and gains 5XP and one point of luck. She’s too full to eat the other one.

Me: Suzan carries the magic Gnoll with her.

~~~~one short rest later~~~~

Me: can Suzan eat her Gnoll now?

DM:….oh right, you did say you carried that. Sure.
As Suzan eats the magic Gnoll, she feels a rush of magical energy in her mind. Her brain is rebuilt by this magic so that she has….
*rolls d20 and gets a 15*
Oh, for fu–Suzan has 15 intelligence now and the ability to cast spells. Congratulations.


a t shirt that says “claims to be pro life” on the front and “dies anyway” on the back

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mmm this was a bit of an experiment with some quotes from okami i find comfort in. feel free to use these for aesthetics and the like if you want, I really don’t mind! these would be so much better if i had photoshop on me rn tho–


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the internet is a cauldron that you speak your wishes into and then watch on in horror as they come bubbling to the surface

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Artist Me Kyeoung Lee Spends 20 Years Sketching South Korea’s Little Convenience Stores

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“We lived among the people. I think you say, convenience store. We lived above it. I mean it like it is, like it sounds ..” 

Nottingham, July 2017.

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these FUCKING ads omfgdkjhjkfdg 

Ashley Tisdale the real gay icon

New Species



Horse Erectus

there it is

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北村英理 | はるさめ
✔ republished w/permission

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Noroi: The Curse

Dir. Kôji Shiraishi

A found footage film horror film done right. It was even shot on video. Giving that nice low budget documentary feel to it. Don’t expect many scares going in though. Like many other J-horror films before it, Noroi is all about atmosphere and suspense. The film is a bit long, slow paced, and convoluted. But it all builds up into this great climax that is truly unsettling. There’s a wrap-up and then an ending that just really gets under your skin. So turn off the lights, raise the volume, and watch this film.

It’s on youtube with English subs hardcoded (and Spanish subs if you turn on closed captions)

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Timewasters - 1x01

I need to watch this

What is this and where can I watch it?

^^ Yes, where?!

This is the British series Timewasters, available on ITV if you are in the UK or are able to get a UK IP. I’m afraid I don’t know when it’ll be available to watch in the US.

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