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March 18 2017

March 12 2017

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Ghost Hospital shirts in these three lovely different styles are now available for purchase on Redbubble and TeePublic, the latter offering a sale for the NEXT THREE DAYS!!! If you want to support this project, please consider buying a shirt or one of the other various products offered!

Full Cover- [RB/TP]

Art Only- [RB/TP]

Logo Only- [RB/TP]

Thank you!

March 11 2017

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Tower power

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gnight friends

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hey gamers welcome to my blog

dad whats a gamer?

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A commoner drags himself to the wig shop

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some of my fav Wild Link nonsense that I have seen so far


- Jumping on a water bed and giggling like the huge dork that he is

- that big goofy smile he makes while taking selfies

- Helping out little kids and also playing with them

- Pissing off gerudo guards

- Disguising as a girl in order to get into gerudo town but instead of acting humiliated he
genuinely feels pretty and it is pure™ and good™ 👌🏻


- That little song he hums when he cooks

- Giggling when he does tricks while shield surfing

- unintentionally making every almost teenage girl he meets fall in love with him (something that has also happened quite often in his past lives)

- pedo baiting a 35 year old man outside of Gerudo Town just so he can steal the guy’s shoes.

- Shoving food in his mouth instead of eating it like a normal person.

- Seal puns

- Hooking people up with each other

- Taming bears and trying to register them at the horse stables

- that face he makes when he’s about to eat some gross shit

- that little laugh and jump for joy he does when he cooks something really good

Wild Link gets a 100/10 he is the best boy.

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★★  Happy MAR10 Day !! ★★

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I’d love to sit here all day


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normally im not a huge fan of babies but a bunch of people brought theirs to work at my internship today and they were pretty cute so here’s older Alexei and his tiny daughter Malon who he loves very much

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Trans Hajime Hinata Stimboard! I hope I did this right ahh,,,

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The sweetest smile ever :3 

Hinata Hajime aka Ultimate Cutie

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