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August 12 2017

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August 11 2017

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Decommissioned kids rides on a scrapyard, Japan [4592x3448]

Source: https://openpics.aerobatic.io/

The Council sits in judgment of your transgressions

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this is really important. stop stigmatizing mental illness and associating all mental illnesses with aggression 

Although Reid makes it personal, there’s still an important message here that shows Dr. Reid knows what’s up re: schizophrenia and violence



do you know what I really hate? early morning culture. the misconception that getting up early is inherently better than sleeping in. that people who stay in bed longer than 8 am are lazy and have an unhealthy life rhythm and that apparently they “miss the best part of the day”. that causes so much unnecessary shame and guilt, especially in young people whose inner clock doesn’t work that way - scientifically proven, teenagers can’t reach their mind’s full potential before 10 am. And more generally speaking: why should we care if someone gets up at 10 or 11 am and goes to bed far after midnight? I would get so much more shit done if I wouldn’t feel so guilty for staying up late and sleeping in. 

100000% this. Also Delayed Sleep Phase Disorder is a thing. But mostly just yes.

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some splatoon miiverse thoughts. 

i can just feel everything positive draining out of me when i see someone draw pedobear or sexualize callie/marie/girl squids. right! on! miiverse! where it shows up in inkopolis or on billboards. i hate it i hate it i hate it please report this kind of content please. 

so yeah don’t reblog any art from tumblr user poehav-shy


she’s a terf who drew her oc drinking the blood of trans kids and she believes that violence against terfs is comparable to violence against trans people. letting you know since she’s a dragon age and mass effect artist and i’d rather not see her shit on my dash.

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I know this is like a really controversial opinion but fat people deserve to be treated like a human beings whether they’re healthy or not

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Thank you @tredlocity for this absolutely FANTASTIC commission!!! Thank you thank you thank you, you guys should commission him too!

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Inflatable chicken behind White House is all the buzz here in DC today. An American citizen put it there to call out the current U.S. President to release his tax returns and stand up to Russia. 


professor: make sure to pay attention, because this is going to be on the final

my brain:


i’m already tired of posts about how dumbasses from tumblr ruined r/ambien. quit whining and join the counter-movement where we all take a shitload of ambien and try to make normal tumblr posts 

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Korean Shaman Initiation Ceremony Fundraiser




Please reblog to signal boost! I am a mentally ill, bisexual woman of color looking to save up ~26k USD in order to be initiated in my people’s dying indigenous religion/tradition. 

the ceremony is set for late August. I’m meant to have the full shrine/temple set up. My mom is going to help scout for possible places in Koreatown(s) to set up in. I’ll pay what I can then, and pay the rest asap to get the items needed once accepted for the loan. As a result, I still need help getting to 10k on the fundraiser as it would TREMENDOUSLY help the strain of such a loan!!

[YouCaring Currently:
$984 of $10,000 goal.]

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